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Roberto Sports Pro Winner Table Football Table

Roberto Sports Pro Winner Table Football Table
Roberto Sports Pro Winner Table Football Table Product code: 51007 This item has now been discontinued $1151.99  Inc. VAT
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    The ‘Pro Winner’ football table is defined as the Professional Football Table, due to this being the top of the Freeplay range of Football Tables. Created as a Highly Resistant single block structure designed for Professional Players who intend to train at home or organise exciting competitions.

    The Table consist of 90 x 90 square metal legs supplied with a soft material suction cups giving the football table great stability on the floor. The ‘Pro Winner’ has also been created with non-protruding Telescopic Rods to ensure the rods do not come out of the table during play and created with tempered steel with high carbon content increasing the resistance by 20% finally treated with double chrome plating, for prevention of rust formation.

    • Construction: Multi-layered poplar covered with MDF 25 mm
    • Playing Surface: Sand blasted tempered glass (dims: 111 x 70 cm)
    • Table Legs: Square varnished iron 90x90, with crossbar
    • Table Feet: Adjustable Champion feet with suction cup
    • Table Rod’s: Telescopic diam. 18mm
    • Table Handles: Professional Diam. 18mm
    • Colour: Black with champion white / black figures
    • Weight: 72.80KG
    • Playing Dimensions: 110cm x 134cm x 92cm
    • Packaging Dimensions: 138cm x 80cm x 31cm
  • This item reqires special delivery. Please refer to our Court Equipment and Games Tables Delivery Terms for more details.