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Padel is typically played in doubles on an enclosed court about half the size of a tennis court. Padel is similar to tennis and squash as you play with less pressurised balls, and you are able to hit the walls to outwit your opponents and score points. The height of the ball being served must be at or below waist level. The world of padel is beginning to be on the rise and the demand for padel players are also starting to grow. One of the main reasons behind padel's upward trajectory is its accessibility. Unlike other racket sports, padel can be enjoyed by people of all skill levels without the steep learning curve. The smaller court size and the use of solid paddles make it easier to learn and engage in exciting rallies.

The sport was invented in Acapulco, Mexico, by Enrique Corcuera in 1969. It is currently most popular in Hispanic American countries such as Argentina and Mexico, as well as in Spain, although it is now beginning to spread rapidly across Europe and other continents.

Padel Pro Tour (PPT) is the professional Padel Circuit which was created in 2005 as a result of the agreement between a group of organizers of matches of Padel and Association of Professional Players of Pádel (AJPP) and the Spanish Feminine Association of Pádel (AFEP). The sport's popularity along the Costa del Sol in southern Spain has exposed it to numerous British visitors, leading to an increased popularity of the sport in the UK and a launch of the UK Padel Federation in 2011.

The US Paddle Association was founded in Chattanooga, TN in 1993 and opened two courts in the Chattanooga area. The American Paddle Association was formed in 1995 and built its first courts at a private club in Houston, TX for exhibition games. The first public courts opened in Miami, FL in 2009, and several clubs have opened nearby, as well as in Los Angeles, since then.


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