Head Light Balance Badminton Rackets - Ultimate Speed

Head-Light badminton rackets are far more suitable for the majority of club players, as doubles is a far more popular game type than singles. The advantage of using a head-light racket is that the head and frame have far less mass and are therefore much easier to manipulate and swing. This is crucial when defending against opposing smashes, as you will need to react as quickly as possible to return the smash. By the same principle, Head-Light rackets are also much more desirable when playing shots at the net, particularly if you look to finish off rallies at the front of the court. If you prefer to play driving, fast and attacking badminton when playing doubles, or are a singles player who has excellent technique and swing speed, you should seriously consider a Head-Light racket.

For more information on Balance, Flex and Weight Classes, please read our guide on How To Choose a Badminton Racket.

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