Even Balanced Badminton Rackets - All Round Playability

Even-Balance rackets are designed to provide a middle ground between Head-Heavy and Head-Light rackets, and attempt to offer the advantages of both, giving you enough power from the back and enough control & manoeuvrability at the front. If you have no preference between playing at the net and playing at the back, or are unsure, then an Even-Balance racket is the best choice, as the racket will be suitable for all types of shots. The majority of regular players now carry rackets for different scenarios, so if you are looking to start playing, then an Even-Balance racket will help you develop an all-round game. Additionally, if you are a more advanced player or play singles and doubles frequently, then you may also consider purchasing an even-balance racket to give you something that will help in every scenario.

For more information on Balance, Flex and Weight Classes, please read our guide on How To Choose a Badminton Racket.

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