Ellesse Tennis Clothing

Huge in sportswear and fashion today, Ellesse first built its reputation as an iconic brand in the world of tennis. The 'semi-palla' logo is inspired by half of a tennis ball, and it has been showcased in the past by legends including Chris Evert, Boris Becker and Mats Wilander. Browse our range of high performance Ellesse clothing.

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Established in 1959 by tailor Leonardo Servadio, ellesse’s deep rooted heritage spans multiple decades. Originally inspired by the concept of style conscious skiwear, this core element has underpinned the brand ever since.

It has now become a globally renowned sports fashion brand, recognised for its bold and colourful designs, inspired by its rich archive and heritage.

The brand’s iconic style now holds major significance within the street wear and sportswear market, particularly amongst street casual aficionados.