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You can either surf our tennis shoes by Gender or by Brand, or by type of shoe suitable for different surfaces.
All Court Tennis Shoes - These can be used on all surfaces and the majority of our customers go for these. These have the normal herringbone pattern, good for all courts. For grass courts, see grass courts below.
Carpet Court Indoor Tennis Shoes - Extremely smooth soles can ONLY be used on indoor carpet courts.
Grass Court (with pimples) and OMNI Sole Tennis Shoes - These are best on artificial (or real) grass surfaces. The omni-sole shoes are really good on artificial grass and they also provide extra grip on normal hard courts.
Clay Court Shoes - Best suited to clay courts, but can be worn on any surface as they have classic zig zag pattern.
Lightweight Performance All Court Tennis shoes - Our most popular category, as we carry all the specialist lightweight tennis shoes provided by the manufacturers. This category can include shoes from all the other categories as the defining characteristic is light weight.

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Tennis shoes differ from "normal casual" trainers that are worn on an everyday basis, and even running shoes as they have a sole pattern which gives a good grip on tennis surfaces. The other very important difference is that they provide much more lateral support. They prevent your feet from too much lateral movement, reducing the chance of turning over on your ankle.