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Wilson Clash

The Revolution Is Clash. With the Clash, Wilson have defied industry standards with a frame which is highly flexible yet does not sacrifice on stability. To achieve the extraordinary, the frame is built with two key technologies which work together to deliver super-enhanced performance.

The revolutionary FreeFlex carbon mapping construction allows the Clash to bend with any swing style or stroke, making it by far the most flexible racket in tennis. To tame the power generated from such a flexible frame, StableSmart frame geometry is used to maintain a similar level of stability found in other performance tennis rackets, while still allowing the frame to move in pre-specified dimensions. The combination of the two technologies results in an unreal playing experience which gives players explosive power AND complete control.

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Very rarely does a racket (or a range of rackets in this case) do what the marketing material suggests. The Clash truly does feel like no other racket we have ever tried. Having put them in the hands of a variety of different standards of players, they were all surprised and delighted with how the rackets played. Currently our best selling Wilson range of rackets. The characteristics of the racket, as well as its sharp and crisp cosmetic ooze an unmatched level of confidence which individuals of all play styles will thoroughly enjoy swinging. Truly being one of the largest leaps in racket technology in recent history, the Clash is a treat that every tennis player should experience. Wilson have managed to layer up the carbon fibres of the Clash range to create more Power and control by allowing the frame to flex in a number of ways to allow comfort and power.

SO WHICH IS THE BEST CLASH MODEL FOR YOU ? This is the tennisnuts brief on the Clash range to help you choose.

THE CLASH 100 is the most popular and "standard bearer" in the whole range. Overall the best choice for all standards especially if you are not sure what stats would suit. Its a frame you cannot go wrong with. The 295g weight and 100 size head are a classic combination. This model is suitable for the widest range of players.

THE CLASH 100 Pro is the heavier version (310g) which would suit the more experienced player looking for a greater weight of shot.

The CLASH 98 also provides a smaller head (98) while keeping the heavier weight (310g) for the pro players (and team players) amongst you.

The CLASH 100L is the lighter version to suit all club players looking for a user friendly lighter weight, with the Clash 100UL being the lightest in the range. Great choice for the growing juniors 12 years and upwards who can cope with the 27inch length.

The CLASH 108 is the ultimate in power and comfort and we have found from customer feedback to the most arm friendly racket in the whole range. Not suitable for anyone who is likely to take a big swipe at the racket.