Top 10 Best Adult Beginners Tennis Rackets

Are you a beginner tennis player, confused at the vast range of tennis rackets on the market? Our top 10 beginners rackets are the best choices to go for if you're just getting started with tennis. These rackets are of a manageable weight and feature larger than average head sizes so you can generate power easily while you are still developing your swing. They are also very affordable so are perfect for introducing family and friends to tennis.

What is the best tennis racket for beginners ? This page gives you the 10 best beginners rackets you can buy.

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The big question is, what makes a tennis racket ideal for a beginner ? In our opinion, for beginners, a racket should be fairly easy to use, have a nice mixture of power and control, and be neither too easy or too difficult to use. Most starters will not be able to control a racket that is too powerful (oversize head, very light weight) - the ball will just fly off the racket. On the other hand, if the racket has a small head and is too heavy, beginners will find it harder to time their swings, hit the sweet-spot, and get the right amount of power and direction on their shots.