Rackets for Tennis Elbow Protection

This is our selection of tennis rackets that are particularly suited for the prevention of and comfort from tennis elbow. There is never a sure thing, but you can certainly help yourself if you use the right racket. The sensor built into the handle of the Volkl rackets is particularly good for the purpose and has been proven over a number of years to help both in prevention and comfort from tennis elbow. The Wilson Triad technology has been around for a number of years and has helped a lot of people in this area. The idea being to separate the handle from the frame of the racket with a vibration dampening material built into the frame of the racket. The Pro Kennex Kinetic idea of having a material inside the frame of the racket which absorbs the shock of hitting a ball has its own legion of fans. The Head PWR range of rackets are just lightweight, arm friendly rackets that have been around for years in one guise or another. Yonex EZONE also include the fantastic Quake Shut Gel Air and Shockless Grommet System to minimise muscle fatigue and absorb impact shock.

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