Top 10 Recreational Tennis Rackets

Our selection of the best recreational tennis rackets includes rackets that provide incredible value for those that just play casually or irregularly. We get access to some of the best deals around from the top brands, so this selection includes top brands at amazing prices. The rackets are generally the lighter versions of the rackets that the pros play with, specifically designed for recreational play, but having all the same techonlogies. We have done the hard work for you and chosen the best rackets for you, taking into account the quality/price ratio. We've also included some performance rackets that are now available in the same price range as recreational rackets.

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What are the best Recreational tennis rackets?

A lot of people confuse the term recreational with "cheap" or "value". We have chosen a selection of recreational rackets that fall into a number of budgets, but are easy to use, are fairly undemanding in terms of weight. They range from £70 onwards and are often lightweight versions of "pro rackets", aimed squarely at recreational players. We have chosen a range of 100% graphite rackets with a weight range of 245g to 275g.