Wilson Pro Staff Tennis Rackets

"The tuxedo finally got its shirt" - Roger Federer.

Welcome to the new Wilson Pro Staff. Co-designed by Roger Federer and featuring a timeless black and white design, this update to the legendary series takes the previous, all-black design and moves it forward with a splash of white on the sides of the frame. Developed by Roger and Wilson Labs, the new 2018 Pro Staff uses this small, but significant, addition to make a bold statement on the court.

Designed for passionate players that leave everything on the court, Federer's new Pro Staff lets you find your rhythm early on in the game, letting you dictate every move, fine-tine your performance in-game and re-invent yourself as you play, creating a performance that means your shots are smooth, sharp and full of power. Like a classic instrument, the new RF97 is the perfect choice when you want the tennis world to listen up while your performance rises to even higher levels, letting you go from good...to great...to rock-star status.

The new 2018 Wilson Pro Staff tennis rackets use braided graphite to maintain the pure, consistent feel that players have come to know and love in the Pro Staff line. Building upon that iconic feel, this version of the Pro Staff simply radiates power, polish and performance, and rewards those players that put their all in and play their heart out on the court.

The Pro Staff range of Wilson rackets has a pedigree going all the way back to the original ProStaff classic, one of the best selling graphite rackets of all time. Among the pros who have made tennis history with the Pro Staff racquets as their weapon of choice include Pete Sampras, Stefan Edberg and Roger Federer.

Play Your Heart Out.

If you want the tennis world to listen up, then make noise when it’s time to play by putting your whole heart into it. It’s how you go from good...to great...to rock-star status. And it doesn’t hurt to be armed with the most classic of instruments: Roger’s legendary new Pro Staff RF97.

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Engineered in Chicago, the Wilson Pro-Staff line is one of the most legendary names in tennis. Used by some of the finest players in tennis history, the Pro Staff has long been known as Wilson's finest product. While the original Jack Kramer Autograph model is the first Pro Staff racket, the Pro Staff 85 was the first well-known graphite version, and was established as a legendary racquet by Pete Sampras, who used it throughout his entire career. Following Sampras, players such as Jimmy Connors, Jim Courier, Stefan Edberg, Chris Evert, Steffi Graf, Mary Pierce and Roger Federer have used Wilson Pro Staffs, making it the choice of champions.