Tecnifibre TF-X1 Tennis Rackets

Introducing the TF-X1 - Tecnifibre's brand new series that blends Power, Stability, Playability and Comfort.

Featuring Frame Ergonomy, Isoflex and X-Damp technology, the TF-X1 lets players strike with speed and precision with a racket that feels comfortable and keeps you in control even on off-centre shots. Experience a new feel with the TF-X1.

  • New frame ergonomy has been optimized with rounder head shape and reinforced frame sections to offer more power and stability.
  • The evolutive sections design named Isoflex, is stiffer on shorter strings and softer on longer strings for consistent string bed’s flexibility. As a result, the player keeps the same speed and precision on centred & off-centred hits.
  • X-Damp, the new Tecnifibre dampening technology, reduces racquet’s harmful vibrations by 36% for best comfort, less fatigue and more performance.
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