Tennis Elbow Supports

Tennis elbow isn't just caused by playing tennis. It is caused by a strain to the extensor tendons in the forearm. Any activity that involves gripping and twisting of the forearm can cause this type of strain. Anybody can get tennis elbow but it is most common in people between the ages of 40 and 60.
In tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) the tendons become inflamed where they join the bony part on the outside of your elbow joint (lateral epicondyle).
Tennis elbow symptoms
Symptoms vary – you may have mild discomfort when you move your arm, or the pain may be bad enough to disturb your sleep. The outside of your elbow will feel tender to the touch and there may be swelling in the tender area. You may also have pain further down your forearm.
Repeated movements of the wrist will make the pain worse, especially if combined with resistance – for example, a tennis stroke. However, even something simple like using a paint-roller on a ceiling can strain the tendons.
If you are experiencing tingling in the arm or fingers this is more likely to be some other condition, for example, pressure on a nerve in the neck (possibly caused by cervical spondylosis) or at the wrist (carpal tunnel syndrome).

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