HEAD MxG Tennis Rackets

The MxG is a premium range of tennis rackets from HEAD that are engineered to be powerful, while maintaining control. HEAD have achieved this using the unique design centred around the precision-injected Magnesium and Graphene which give the rackets more power and more stability.

The range offers four different options with the MxG 1, MxG 3MxG 5 and the MxG 7, all suited to different levels of players. The MxG 1 is the heaviest and has the smallest headsize, making it ideal for tournament players. The MxG 3 has a more balanced spec which most intermediate to advanced level players will feel comfortable with. The MxG 5 will appeal to ambitious club players looking for more power, and finally the MxG 7 is the oversized option for mature players looking for effortless power and manoeuvrability.