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HEAD Gravity Tennis Rackets

The ever-increasing demand for a professional control racket with easily accessible power has led to the creation of the HEAD Gravity tennis rackets. Embraced by top-level professionals like Alexander Zverev and Andrey Rublev, these rackets showcase unparalleled craftsmanship and design, empowering players to elevate their game to new heights.

Experience unparalleled precision and confidence on the court with the revolutionary Auxetic technology, redefining your every swing with heightened feel and responsive feedback. Elevate your style game with the Gravity series' signature flip design, now refreshed with an all-new asymmetric aesthetic, ensuring heads turn with its ultra-modern appeal and distinctive colour contrasts on each side. Crafted with precision, the range showcases sleek, thin-beamed rackets engineered to maximize both power and tactile sensation.

The teardrop head shape extends cross-strings for an expanded sweet spot, strategically positioned just above the head's centre. Embracing innovation, the main rackets boast 20 to 22mm beams, while the Team models are enhanced with a 24mm profile, offering a comprehensive selection tailored to elevate your play with superior technology and design.

The latest 2024 range of HEAD Gravity rackets from Head features a slightly softer feel, with thin beams but easy power. Upgraded with innovative Auxetic technology for sensational impact feel and enhanced playability, the Gravity gives aggressive next-generation tournament players the control, flex and forgiveness they need to dominate any opponent. The Head Gravity Range summarised:

  • Gravity Pro: Weight 315g, 100 head size, created for advanced players with an aggressive playing style. It is the heaviest model in the Gravity range and offers a good balance of power, control, and feel.
  • Gravity Tour: Weight 305g, 100 head size, designed for advanced players looking for a racket that can handle their powerful baseline game, providing a comfortable feel with good control.
  • Gravity MP: Weight 295g, 100 head size, ideal for intermediate and advanced players with an aggressive playing style. It strikes a nice balance between power, control, and feel, making it a popular choice in the Gravity series.
  • Gravity MP L: Weight 280g, 100 head size, caters for aggressive young players or those who prefer a lighter playing experience compared to the standard Gravity MP. It inherits many of the strengths of the MP but with a lighter weight for increased manoeuvrability.
  • Gravity Team: Weight 285g, 104 head size is targeted for aggressive next-generation players or those who want a lighter and more forgiving option compared to other models in the Gravity series. It prioritizes manoeuvrability and a large sweet spot for developing players.

What is Auxetic 2.0?

Auxetic engineering gives a unique experience compared to non-Auxetic construction. Auxetic constructions expand when a “pull” force is applied and contract when squeezed. The bigger the force applied, the bigger Auxetic reaction. The Auxetic cage means you fell the impact right when and where the action happens, it is the ultimate connection between player and racket.


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Power & Spin

Suitable for advanced/intermediate looking for plenty of power and spin. The slightly thicker beams (22mm to 24mm) and regular range of weights give the perfect mixture of power & control.

Powerful Control

Thin beamed, heavier rackets for advanced players with good technique and power looking for more control from their racket.

Ultimate Control

Thin beamed, heavier rackets for advanced players with good technique and power looking for more control from their racket.

Recreational & Beginner

These rackets are perfect for the budget conscious player, or players who do not play regularly, but need a racket for some occasional family games or holiday play. Suitable for beginners and Intermediate players alike.


Suitable for regular club players or improvers alike, these rackets suit players starting to play regular competitive or friendly tennis. Lighter weight.