Grass Court (with pimples) and Omni Shoes for Artificial Grass

Babolat Wimbledon Shoes

Grass Court Shoes (with pimples)
The purely grass court ones have pimples and can only be used on natural grass OR artificial grass, where they give a particularly good grip. Because of the pimples, however, they CANNOT be used on any other outdoor or indoor surfaces, as they are designed specifically for artificial or real grass courts. They give the best grip. This is what all the pros use at Wimbledon and the English grass court season.

OMNI Court Shoes
If you wish to purchase shoes that you can use on grass AND hard courts...then you need to go for the "OMNI" shoes. These have an in-between sole that gives good grip on real grass, artificial grass AND hard courts. With the increasing proliferation of artificial surfaces in the UK, these are some of our best selling tennis shoes.