Heel and Insole Supports

Searching for relief for your tired and aching feet?

Look no further – heel and insole supports are here to help! Heel and insole supports are a great way to help reduce foot pain and fatigue, while also promoting better balance and control.

Sorbothane make some of the most widely used heel and insole supports suitable for a variety of sports including tennis, badminton and squash. Runners and fitness freaks are the most avid users. We would recommend these are used from an early age, even when there are no knee or ankle issues, as they can be a perfect preventative measure.

What are the benefits of using heel and insole supports?

1. Improved balance: Heel and insole supports help reduce misalignment in the feet, resulting in improved balance and control.

2. Reduced foot pain: Heel and insole supports help reduce the pressure on your feet, reducing foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and other conditions.

3. Better posture: Heel and insole supports help promote balance to help improve overall posture.

4. Increased comfort: Wearing a heel and insole support can help reduce pain and fatigue in the feet throughout the day.

5. Improved walking ability: Heel and insole supports can reduce the risk of slipping, helping you stay on your feet and maintain good walking ability.

Are you experiencing pain and fatigue in your feet?

Heel and insole supports can help you regain balance, comfort and better posture. Having foot pain due to plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, or any other conditions can be extremely debilitating, especially when engaging in activities such as: tennis, badminton, squash, walking and running etc. However, heel and insole supports can help reduce the pressure on your feet, reduce the risk of the slipping and can prevent injuries.  


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