Ultimate Control Rackets

Characteristics are: Small head, heavy weight, thin beam, head light (or even) balance, frame not too stiff. Classic rackets in this category are the Roger Federer range of Wilson Pro Staff rackets, the Djokovic range of Head Speed rackets, or the Andy Murray range of Head Radical rackets.

  • Head Size range: 98 sq.in and below.
  • Weight Range: 300g up to 340g
  • Beam Width Range: 22mm or less

Ultimate Control Rackets are recommended for these Player Types:

  • Advanced players with full strokes, or for powerful athletic intermediates who are likely to take a big swing at the ball. These players generate their own power so its the control that the thin beamed, heavy rackets provide.
  • Advanced juniors or potentially good juniors (of adult height)....these racquets encourage the development of full flowing strokes and good technique...the slightly lighter ones in this category are probably best for juniors.
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Showing 68 Products