Tecnifibre T-Flash Tennis Rackets

The new T-Flash CES range of rackets from Tecnifibre are the most powerful and stable rackets ever engineered. You no longer have to compromise between lightweight power and stability. In our opinion the T-Flash rackets are perfect for serious players looking for a highly technical, performance enhancing rackets.

The latest CES range features the redesigned cross section - the Cubix Edge Shaft (or CES section). The extra large cross section of the racket enables the terrific power the series is popular for, while improving the stability so you can hit your winners with confidence. Progressive Pattern is used in the strings so the space between the strings at the centre of the racket are denser for improved accuracy, while strings nearer to the frame are wider, giving players more forgiveness on off-centre shots. The range is even more comfortable to play with thanks to the HD Fuse Grip. This is the absorbent silicon placed around the handle which dissipates vibrations more effectively for an arm friendly experience.

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