Prince TeXtreme Tennis Rackets

Prince TeXtreme rackets use TeXtreme Spread Tow woven laminates to increase the strength of the racket without added stiffness. Its use reduces twisting in the racket by up to 25% and allows players to hit with control and confidence. In our play tests we found that the Textreme material has a different feel to any other material we have ever tested. The Textreme material seems to allow that holy grail of tennis incredible amount of feel and give in the racket frame without any loss of power. In the wider frames like the Warrior range, you would normally expect the rackets to be really stiff, but these are amazingly responsive, giving plenty of pop.

Used on tour by players including John Isner and Lucas Pouille.

TeXtreme = Added strength, less stiffness = MORE POWER & CONTROL

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