HEAD Graphene Technology

Re-engineering Graphene™, the world's strongest yet lightest material, HEAD have created a brand new material for their latest range of rackets; Graphene Touch. Adding in a unique shock-absorbing material to the frame construction, HEAD Graphene Touch rackets have less shock than the previous Graphene XT frames, thanks to faster vibration reduction after ball impact and an unparalleled touch providing you with even more wow moments.

Graphene 360 Technology

Introducing Graphene 360; the latest racket technology from HEAD. Graphene 360 offers players two key upgrades over the previous Graphene Touch technology. Firstly, Graphene 360 rackets use graphene rings in the head to produce less twist in the racket head. This produces a better energy transfer from your swing to the ball, resulting in the racket effectively giving you more power and more control while asking nothing extra from you. Graphene 360 rackets also use counter-balancing technology in the racket shaft. By using graphene in the shaft as a counter-weight, players will experience better maneouvrability from Graphene 360 rackets in comparison to Graphene Touch and Graphene XT. Together, these two advantages result in much greater stability when on the court, and allows you to improve your game in an instant.