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Experience the power-packed upgrade embraced by Matteo Berrettini with the latest innovation in the racket world - the revamped Extreme Tour. Featuring cutting-edge Auxetic Technology, this racket delivers unparalleled impact feel, ideal for tournament-level players aiming to command the court with exceptional spin and power. Engineered with a specialized shaft that enhances spin production, the Extreme Tour boasts unique spin grommets, facilitating increased string movements and a dynamic trampoline effect upon ball impact. Not just a performance marvel, this racket embodies an edgy and daring design, merging extreme performance with a fresh aesthetic.

The iconic Extreme series makes a triumphant comeback, now powered by Graphene 360+ technology, while preserving its heritage through the signature yellow trim and a slightly softer, more flexible feel, favoured by numerous players. Renowned among elite club players and match enthusiasts, the revitalized Extreme range stays true to its legacy, offering unrivalled performance that aligns with the demands of competitive play. Experience the next evolution of extreme performance and timeless style with the reimagined Extreme series.

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Overwhelm your opponent with our hardest-hitting spin machine yet, the all-new HEAD Extreme racket series. It features a better feel, better stability, and optimal spin and power. The Berrettini power machine. Explore the new series in all their glory:

  • Extreme Pro: Weight 305g, 98 sq.in head size, caters to aggressive baselines who crave heavy spin and powerful strokes. It's the heaviest racket within the HEAD Extreme series, known for its spin-oriented design.
  • Extreme MP: Weight 300g, 100 sq.in head size, this racket sits between the Extreme Pro and the more lightweight Extreme Team models within the HEAD Extreme series. It's a good option for intermediate and advanced players who want a balance of power, spin, and manoeuvrability.
  • Extreme MP L: Weight 285g, 100 sq.in head size, the lighter version of the HEAD Extreme MP, designed specifically for young performance players and those who prioritize manoeuvrability and ease of use while still offering spin and power.
  • Extreme Team: Weight 275g, 100 sq.in head size, falls within the more forgiving and manoeuvrable category of the HEAD Extreme series. It's a good option for recreational players, beginners, and intermediate players who want a well-rounded racket.
  • Extreme Team L: Weight 265g, 105 sq.in head size, the lightest version within the HEAD Extreme Team series, specifically designed for increased manoeuvrability and easier handling.

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Power & Spin

Suitable for advanced/intermediate looking for plenty of power and spin. The slightly thicker beams (22mm to 24mm) and regular range of weights give the perfect mixture of power & control.

Powerful Control

Thin beamed, heavier rackets for advanced players with good technique and power looking for more control from their racket.

Ultimate Control

Thin beamed, heavier rackets for advanced players with good technique and power looking for more control from their racket.

Recreational & Beginner

These rackets are perfect for the budget conscious player, or players who do not play regularly, but need a racket for some occasional family games or holiday play. Suitable for beginners and Intermediate players alike.


Suitable for regular club players or improvers alike, these rackets suit players starting to play regular competitive or friendly tennis. Lighter weight.