HEAD ASP (Adaptive String Pattern) Technology

What is Head ASP Technology?

ASP stands for Adaptive String Pattern. This technology from HEAD allows the same racket frame to be strung in different string patterns.

How can I change between string patterns?

HEAD ASP rackets come with two exchangeable grommet sets, one allowing a 16x16 pattern, and the other a 16x19 pattern. A restring is required when changing between these.

What are the benefits of each pattern?

Each string pattern has its advantages and will suit different play styles.

16x16 - With a larger gap between strings, this pattern suits players whose game is based on spin and power.

16x19 - This pattern with smaller gaps between the strings allows players to get a better feel of the ball and hit more controlled shots.

Which rackets feature ASP?

All of our rackets featuring ASP technology can be found below.

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