Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Rackets

Introducing the world's most iconic power racket; Babolat Pure Drive. Updated with new technologies, the Babolat Pure Drive is among the game-changing elite, revolutionising tennis by providing players with more power, more feel and more performance. Affectionately known as the “blue” racket, the Pure Drive and the players that use it make up a clearly identified tribe in the tennis world. Embracing its colourful roots, the electric blue of the new Pure Drive visibly reflects the power long associated with this racket, giving players confidence as they enter the courts, and sending a strong signal to their opponents. The first Team Babolat Players to adopt the new Pure Drive include Garbiñe Muguruza (SPA), Fabio Fognini (ITA) and Mikael Ymer (SWE).

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The range consists of the standard Pure Drive weighing in at a classic 300g weight and a 100 sq in headsize. This model suite the majority of intermediate and advanced players, but in all honesty we have seen players of all standards and abilities use this racket as it is so popular and mo-one has even complained that they did not like the racket. A racket for the ages indeed...the other really popular rackets in the range include the Pure Drive Team and the Pure Drive Lite (and super-lite) , which are classic rackets in their own right, just lighter, appealing to a wider audience. The 107 and 110 headsize ones combined with lighter weights are perfect for the casual player looking for ultimate forgiveness. Completing the range is the Tour at a heavier 315g for the serious dude and the +plus version for those with sweeping double handers with a half inch larger grip handle. The out and out pro players or the really heavy hitters can go for the Pure Drive VS rackets, which have a thinner beam, a smaller head and less stiffness which really suits better players for that ultimate control.

For more than 25 years, the Pure Drive has been known as THE racket for players who want more power. The combination of power and versatility allows them to take risks and dictate play. For this new generation of the iconic Pure Drive, Babolat has extended the legendary power on every shot that competitive, demanding players have come to expect from this racket, while offering the best possible feel through a unique management of vibrations and unrivalled comfort.

Pure Drive was Babolat's first entry into performance tennis racket market and ever since helping Carlos Moya win his first grandslam in 1997, it has never looked back. Today, with several technological upgrades, Pure Drive is one of most popular tennis racket range, favoured by legends such as Andy Roddick and Kim Clijsters, and by thousands of tennis players around the world. Woofer system is set out through the frame of the racket which allows 25% more interaction between strings and frame than conventional frames. This gives the player increased control and feel despite a big sweetspot.
Cortex System located at the racket is a layer of Dampening system which filters out harmful vibrations while still retaining the "good vibrations" that are vital to get a feel of the ball.