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Yonex Nanoflare Rackets

The Nanoflare series has been designed for players who want to achieve uncharted speeds, shots and swing speed with agile manoeuvrability! The Nanoflare series is known to be very light, as the lack of weight towards the head of the racket enables you to swing with ease and quickly! Perfect for fast doubles play.

Yonex has developed the new Nanoflare 800 racket, which has been specifically designed for the ultimate and fastest drive shot! Its performance design has undergone significant enhancements, resulting in a more aggressive drive that outpaces opponents with sheer speed. With its unrivalled speed and cutting-edge technology, this exceptional racket empowers players to elevate their performance to new speeds! Overall, the Yonex Nanoflare 800 is a fantastic racket for fast, aggressive players who want to take their game to the next level. Click here, for the Yonex Nanoflare Rackets selector chart.

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The all new Nanoflare 1000Z has broken records with its unreal speeds, it has all the new technology embedded into the racket which allows the player to strike lighting within a blink of an eye! The Nanoflare 1000Z has now become the flagship model of the Nanoflare series and is perfect for advanced players who are looking to increase the speed of their game!

Expert Opinion: This is a brilliant combination of lightweight power and speed, without losing the smashing power from the back of the court. For all those fans of the Nanospeed range of a few years ago, these are the rackets you have been waiting for!

With brand-new technologies from Yonex, the Nanoflare range features:

Sonic Flare System - A combination of the revolutionary new graphite material TORAYCAR M40X and Super HMG. This lays a solid foundation for powerful and stable rackets, which get even better in conjunction with the new aero frames. The Sonic Flare System gives the racket enough stability to not only cope with the impact, but also generate maximum shuttle acceleration.

AERO Frame (AERO COMPACT Frame NF 1000 Z, NF 1000 Tour) (Wide Profile Frame + Compact Frame Shape=AERO COMPACT Frame) The NANOFLARE 1000's unique frame design combines a wide frame with an AERO shape and compact frame to improve repulsion while reducing air resistance, allowing players to hit powerful shots with ease.

Wide Profile Frame NANOFLARE's characteristic wide frame and aero shape with sharp edges reduce frame warp during swing, improving repulsion and follow through.

Speed-Assist BumperThe SPEED-ASSIST BUMPER is a connected grommet containing highly rigid material that is resistant to warping. They are attached to the lower part of the frame to reduce frame warp and improve repulsion performance.

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