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When shopping online, we understand it can be difficult to be sure you are purchasing genuine Yonex products from genuine authorised stockists. Yonex partner with very few official retailers, and tennisnuts is one of the few that has been an official Yonex UK stockist for decades. Therefore, you can be sure that you will always receive a 100% genuine Yonex product when you buy from tennisnuts.

We are one of Yonex's largest retail partners and stock large quantities of their official products in our London-based warehouse and store, which allows you to come and check our range of Yonex products to make sure you are getting the genuine product. Due to our large size and international customer base, we often get exclusive early access to Yonex products and our customers can often benefit from Yonex competitions and special offers.

Other retail and online sites might appear to have Yonex products at prices that are seemingly too good to be true, while mimicking our offers of free grips and free strings, and copying our descriptions and layouts. However, online customers should always be aware of counterfeit Yonex products on the internet. We offer the most competitive prices in the UK and we always make sure that we offer a customers an excellent deal. Yonex badminton rackets are the most sought after in the market and are worth every penny that you would pay for them when you purchase from us.

As with anything online, you get what you pay for and should always make sure you buy from a reputable source that stocks genuine products. The official authorised Yonex UK stockists are all required to use at least one of the banner above or badge below on all of their Yonex pages, and if you see a site that does not use them consistently, then you should be suspicious and consider whether you will receive genuine Yonex products from them. Some retailers and online sites may mimic our offers, copy our images and use our descriptions to sell potentially fake products at lower prices that may be too good to believe, while also adding lots of unnecessary extra offers that may be designed to confuse customers.

It is much safer to buy from tennisnuts, the premier authorised Yonex UK stockist, than risk buying a potentially fake product at a cheaper price.

Tennisnuts is an authorised Yonex UK stockist.

Beware of counterfeit rackets on the internet. We have had instances of people bringing in counterfeit rackets for restringing at our store, which look almost like the real thing but go out of shape as soon as you put any kind of tension on the frame.


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