Yonex Percept Tennis Rackets

The all new Percept range is here! The Yonex Percept rackets have been designed and developed to act as an extension of the arm, which can allow the intermediate and advanced players to strike the ball with immense accuracy with even greater control. With Yonex's new enhanced technology such as the Servo Filter, which effectively diminishes vibration yet achieving precise and accurate sensory feedback from the ball. It has been developed by the Mitsubishi Chemical Group, which has high bonding properties with graphite, which enables the rackets to be more flexible and durable.

The Percept rackets will allow some of the top players in the tennis industry to unleash their unique and creative playing style on the court, such as, Stan Wawrinka, Frances Tiafoe and Dayana Yastremska. 

The Yonex Percept range has been designed for intermediate to advanced players seeking a balance of power, control, and feel. It's considered the successor to the Yonex VCORE PRO line and offers various models to cater to different playing styles and preferences.

The Yonex PERCEPT variations explained:

  •  Percept 97: Weight 310g, Head size 97 sq in, designed for advanced players who seek a blend of power, precision, and feel. It's seen as a successor to the Yonex VCORE PRO 97 line, offering a modern update on a popular choice for aggressive baseliners.
  • Percept 97D: Weight 320g, Head size 97 sq in, builds on the foundation of the Yonex Percept 97, offering a powerful and control-oriented option for advanced players with a slight twist. With a sweet spot large enough for powerful shots while maintaining some precision for shot placement.
  • Percept 97H: Weight 330g, Head size 97 sq in, the Yonex Percept 97H is a powerful and stable option for advanced players seeking a racket that can handle aggressive baseline play with powerful ground strokes.
  • Percept 100: Weight 300g, Head size 100 sq in, the Percept 100 offers a generous head size compared to the Percept 97 range. This larger head creates a bigger sweet spot, making it easier to make clean contact with the ball, even on off-centre hits. 
  • Percept 100D: Weight 305g, Head size 100 sq in, offering a more control-oriented option for intermediate to advanced players who still want some forgiveness and power potential.
  • Percept 100L: Weight 280g, Head size 100 sq in, designed for intermediate players and recreational players who prioritise lightweight manoeuvrability, comfort, and playable power.

The Percept racket is full of new technology such as:

  • Accurate Sensory Feedback - The new SERVO FILTER reduces unwanted vibrations while continuing to transmit the essential vibrations that provide valuable feedback about the ball.
  • Improved Ball-Pocketing - The FlexCon System allows the racquet shaft to flex and extend the ball pocketing duration, making it easier for players to control and place the ball accurately.
  • Stable Ball Trajectory - The frame features more layers* of graphite to increase rigidity of the racquet face. This stabilizes the face at impact and brings consistency to desired ball trajectories.

Tennisnuts is an authorised Yonex UK stockist.

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