Volkl Tennis Racket Technology

Volkl tennis rackets are well known for their performance enhancing technologies, but what do they exactly do? Below is a summary of all of Volkl's latest technologies. Some make rackets easier to use, and some make them more comfortable, a reason why they are extremely popular among players prone to tennis elbow.


Created and designed by the Fraunhofer Institute, VCELL is the highest level cellulose based black 3D carbon. Volkl rackets featuring VCELL benefit from increased durability and resiliency which in turn improve their stability and playability. Further enhancing the arm friendly nature of Volkl rackets, players can expect less fatigue from playing with a VCELL racket compared to an equivalent racket without VCELL.


A red butt cap made from silicone polymer, the VTEX improves the dampening ability of the racket for a cleaner and more comfortable strikes compared to rackets with a hard plastic butt cap. The cap is also resistant to cracking and shrinking.


REVA, also known as Revolutionary EVA or Ethylene-vinyl acetate is used in the grip. The soft material is durable and resilient, but most importantly its softness allows it to effectively absorb vibrations from travelling to your arm. Compared to standard EVA used in older Volkl rackets, REVA is more compressed, and provides 35% more resiliency, 35% more flexibility and 25% more vibration absorption.


The VSENSOR is an active vibration dampening system which provides the player with unmatched feel and increased dampening. A pin with a mass is placed at the end of the handle (inside the VTEX butt cap) with the possibility to “swing” against the initial vibrations. It eliminates vibrations, which have a negative influence on the playability of the racket.


The Volkl Super Grommet allows the string of the racket to move in all directions for a 'spring effect' which allows for greater power and comfort.




With the Catapult Effect the ball is accelerated with 30% more power and 30% more control – even for those balls not hitting the sweet spot. The Catapult springs allow for a deeper string-bed pocket upon impact. Then at the precise moment the ball is leaving the strings, the springs return to their original stage delivering more power.


Designed to be free-moving upon impact, the POWER ARM is drawn back upon ball to string-bed contact. As the ball sinks deeper into the string-bed, the POWER ARM moving in unison becomes energised. At the precise time where the ball starts to leave the string-bed pocket, the POWER ARM reacts – returning the stored energy to the ball so maximum power is achieved.


Big Grommets allow greater string movement for an increased sweet-spot. This results in more power, especially on off centre hits. Big Grommets combined with the revolutionary Volkl Tennis Catapult Effect work harmoniously for total playing enjoyment. Big Grommets can increase the sweet spot by up to 100 square cm.

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