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Dunlop SX Tennis Rackets

The Dunlop SX Series redefines spin with rackets featuring Spin Boost technology. This allows the strings to move more for enhanced control and extra bite on the ball. Modern players who like to hit towards the top of the frame can maintain good power and control thanks to the larger sweet spot from Dunlop's Powergrid string technology. The range also benefits from Sonic Core Infinergy technology to reduce impact shock and vibrations by up to 37% for comfortable strikes.

The new SX series delivers even more spin, on those off-centre shots, giving players more confidence to hit harder and really target those court lines. 

  • At high impact locations, this gives less string slide motion (compared with low impact locations), less bite on the ball and gives less height and distance on shots. Resulting in a deep return that targets your opponents' baseline.
  • At low impact locations, this gives more string slide motion, more bite on the ball and gives more height and distance on shots that land deeper in the court, keeping your opponent on the back foot 
SX Technologies
  • SPIN BOOST+ GROMMETS improve the SX 2022 lower impact trajectory over the SX 2020
  • New technology shortens landing zone, getting closer to your aim point
  • A unique V shape frame geometry in the shaft area of the racket.
  • Greatly enhances frame stability and racket power.
  • Sonic Core made with Infinergy®.
  • Located in the 2 and 10 o’clock areas of the racket.
  • Infinergy® is the world’s first E-TPU (expanded thermoplastic polyurethane) developed by BASF.
  • It is a super elastic material but has the benefit of being very light.
  • It has significantly higher rebound properties to other foam materials such as EPP, EVA and EPE.
  • Material rebound tests show a 46% increase in rebound height vs our original Sonic Core material.
  • In addition to superior rebound properties, the Infinergy® material also has impressive damping properties and reduces vibrations by up to 37% vs a standard carbon fibre racket.

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Power & Spin

Suitable for advanced/intermediate looking for plenty of power and spin. The slightly thicker beams (22mm to 24mm) and regular range of weights give the perfect mixture of power & control.

Powerful Control

Thin beamed, heavier rackets for advanced players with good technique and power looking for more control from their racket.

Ultimate Control

Thin beamed, heavier rackets for advanced players with good technique and power looking for more control from their racket.

Recreational & Beginner

These rackets are perfect for the budget conscious player, or players who do not play regularly, but need a racket for some occasional family games or holiday play. Suitable for beginners and Intermediate players alike.


Suitable for regular club players or improvers alike, these rackets suit players starting to play regular competitive or friendly tennis. Lighter weight.