Dunlop Junior Tennis Rackets

Dunlop have a fantastic range of junior rackets that provide keen, young tennis players with easy to use, powerful rackets. There is something for every age and every stage of their tennis journey.

To choose your ideal Dunlop junior racket, pick from one of the following:

For Age 10 to 12 (140 to 160cm) pick a 26 inch racket.

For Age 8 to 10 (130 to 140cm) pick a 25 inch racket.

For Age 6 to 8 (120 to 130cm) pick a 23 inch racket.

For Age 5 and 6 (under 120cm) pick a 21 inch racket.

For Age 2 to 4, pick a 19 inch racket.

Any younger, go for a 17 inch racket.

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