Top 10 Power & Comfort Tennis Strings

Here is our list of some of the best tennis strings for power and comfort. Different strings are designed for different players, so they will have more or less spin, power, control or durability compared to other strings, and these characteristics may improve or decrease depending on string tension. However, with so many different types of strings now available, we believe that these strings are the best for players that want as much power and comfort as possible.

  • 1

    Tecnifibre X-One Biphase Tennis String Set (Various Colours/Sizes)

    Delivering monumental power, Tecnifibre's X-One Biphase is the gold standard for power and comfort strings. Packed with dozens of meticulously chosen refinements and new technologies, X-One Biphase offers players outstanding power, comfort and shock absorption that other strings simply fail to match. X-One Biphase also offers the closest performance from a synthetic string to natural guts, while offering much better tension retention and durability, making this the best overall string for power and comfort.

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    Babolat VS Touch BT7 Natural Gut Tennis String Set - Natural

    Perhaps the string that has defined Babolat, and tennis itself, more than any other product, Babolat VS Touch has a long heritage and legendary performance. Launched in 1925, VS Touch is defined not only by stunning power and comfort, but also its wonderful, crisp iconic feel. Made from natural gut, VS touch offers power and comfort that multifilaments simply cannot match, but at the cost of durability. Ultimately, VS Touch is a string that every player should try at least once during their career, and has been choice of the world's best for almost 100 years.

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    Luxilon Natural Gut 125/130 Tennis String Sets

    Chosen by the game's greatest players including Serena Williams and Roger Federer, Luxilon Natural Gut offers all of the benefits that natural guts are renowed for, such as power and comfort, but with much more control (something that other natural guts historically lacked). One of the softest strings available, Luxilon Natural Gut is a unique string that offers the closest combination of power, comfort and feel, making it perfect for hybrid combinations.

    Hybrid this with Luxilon 4G for Serena William's choice: Luxilon 4G

    Hybrid this with Luxilon Alu Power Rough for Roger Federer's choice: Wilson Champions Choice.

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    $7.00 - $16.00

    Babolat Synthetic Gut Spiraltek Set - Black

    While not as powerful and comfortable as premium multifilaments and natural guts, synthetic gut strings are much more suitable for intermediate players as they offer more all-round performance at a cheaper price. Babolat Spiraltek is our favourite synthetic gut as it offers a nice blend of comfort and power, but with additional control and durability that premium multifilaments often lack. Perfect for players looking for an all-round string that offers excellent power and comfort with extra spin potential.

  • 5

    Babolat XCel Tennis String Set - Natural

    Wondering which multifilament doesn’t compromise on control? Look no further. Thanks to increased durability and a tougher construction, Babolat Xcel provides players with the power and comfort that players have always loved, but with increased control that you don’t usually get from multifilaments, in addition to a crisp feel.

  • 6

    Prince Premier LT Tennis String Set - Natural

    One of the more underrated multifilaments on the market, Prince Premier LT offers an excellent balance of power, comfort, control and spin. Prince’s unique string construction ensures that players that looking for the rare combination of comfort and spin can find a nice balance between the two, rather than compromising on both. And as a multifilament, Premier LT offers a smooth, consistent response and works particularly well in a hybrid setup with a poly.

  • 7

    Tecnifibre NRG Natural Sets 1.24mm / 1.32mm

    While all multifilaments offer power and comfort, not many offer as much as Tecnifibre NRG. Perfect for players with short to medium swing styles that use lightweight power rackets, NRG offers a soft feel and plenty of depth for your shots, allowing you to reach the edges of the court easier than ever before.

  • 8

    Wilson NXT 16 Tennis String Set - Natural

    As players develop different aspects of their game, they often feel that they need to move from multifilament strings to hybrids or polyesters in search of more control and spin. However, some strings are simply so good that they offer all-round performance to players of all abilities. Wilson NXT is probably the closest multifilament string to a true all-rounder, offering astonishing power and comfort with excellent spin, control and touch, making it an excellent choice for all types of players.

  • 9

    Head Rip Control Tennis String Set

    Not every multifilament is designed to offer unrelenting power. Players also need to take into account that, while your shots need to powerful, they also need to be accurate. Head RIP Control offers a unique blend of control and comfort, making it the perfect choice for advanced players looking for a softer feel. If you’re an ex-poly player that wants as much control as possible without compromising on comfort, you should take a serious look at this string.

  • 10

    Wilson Sensation Tennis String Set - Natural

    One of the oldest and most iconic strings in tennis history, Wilson Sensation set the standard for power and comfort strings for decades, thanks to its familiar combination of exceptional power and soft, arm-friendly feel. While other multifilaments may have extra technology, choosing Wilson Sensation is almost never a bad choice.