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Novak Djokovic Equipment & Clothing

What racket does Novak Djokovic endorse? Novak Djokovic endorses the HEAD Speed Pro tennis racket.

Novak Djokovic is a Serbian professional tennis player, widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. Born on May 22, 1987, in Belgrade, Djokovic has cemented his place in tennis history through his incredible accomplishments on the court. With his formidable all-around game, Djokovic possesses exceptional athleticism, remarkable defensive skills, and a phenomenal ability to return difficult shots. His record includes multiple Grand Slam titles, including a career Grand Slam achieved by winning each of the four major championships at least once. Djokovic's mental strength is renowned, as he has shown an ability to perform his best even in challenging situations. Additionally, he has held the ATP World Number 1 ranking for an extended period, further solidifying his dominance in the sport. 

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A Legendary Journey:

Djokovic's journey to US Open glory is a testament to his relentless pursuit of excellence. Known for his unwavering focus and unmatched work ethic, the Serbian has consistently pushed the boundaries of his abilities. Despite facing adversities on and off the court, Djokovic has remained unyielding, displaying the resilience of a true champion.

The Battle on the Hard Courts:

Throughout the tournament, Djokovic's remarkable skill set was on full display. Displaying his trademark athleticism, agility, and precision, he outmanoeuvred opponents with breathtaking shots and strategic manoeuvres. With an arsenal of shots at his disposal, Djokovic showcased his versatility, adapting to different situations seamlessly. With his relentless drive and constant pursuit of excellence, Djokovic continues to captivate fans and inspire upcoming generations of tennis players.

Be sure to check out our other tennis departments and guides, including our section on “How to Choose a tennis racket”  which aims to help you find the tennis racket that is most suited to you and your ability.

  • Choose the Ultimate Control rackets if you are an accomplished player or are looking for ultimate control as you have a long, powerful swing.
  • Choose the Power & Spin rackets if you are looking for a nice mixture of power and control.
  • Choose the Intermediate rackets for the ultimate in power and forgiveness…easy on the arm and lightweight.

Many of these tennis rackets come pre-strung from the manufacturers in strings and tensions which are suitable for the majority of players. If you do prefer a specific string or tension on a factory strung racket, or are looking to purchase a 'Frame Only' racket, we provide an optional stringing service.


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Power & Spin

Suitable for advanced/intermediate looking for plenty of power and spin. The slightly thicker beams (22mm to 24mm) and regular range of weights give the perfect mixture of power & control.

Powerful Control

Thin beamed, heavier rackets for advanced players with good technique and power looking for more control from their racket.

Ultimate Control

Thin beamed, heavier rackets for advanced players with good technique and power looking for more control from their racket.

Recreational & Beginner

These rackets are perfect for the budget conscious player, or players who do not play regularly, but need a racket for some occasional family games or holiday play. Suitable for beginners and Intermediate players alike.


Suitable for regular club players or improvers alike, these rackets suit players starting to play regular competitive or friendly tennis. Lighter weight.