Tecnifibre Tennis Strings

Tecnifibre offer a wide variety of Tennis strings for players of all standards. Whether your seeking more power, control, comfort or durability, Tecnifibre has a string for you. Tecnifibre produce the highly renowned X-One Bi-phase string, one of the world's leading multi-filament strings and many more. 

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Tecnifibre strings are split into 4 ranges:

1. Premium Multifilament Strings (POWER & COMFORT) (All Racket Weights) – Tecnifibre’s patented Technology ensures that they are the only ones able to make strings like Tecnifibre strings. The advanced technology allows the string to be fully saturated in polyurethane as opposed to a simple outer coating and is the slowest fabrication process in the world with only 3 sets produced per hour. The results are unparalleled performance with 400% elasticity for maximum power and strong dispersion of vibrations upon ball impact for greater comfort.
After 2 months of tests, the X-ONE Biphase string from Tecnifibre has been chosen as the best tennis string in the 'Multifilament strings under 1.25mm' category. The X-ONE Biphase won this 2008 award out of 9 different strings from 9 different string manufacturers. The X-ONE Biphase got this #1 ranking due to its best marks in different categories, not only in power, control, touch and comfort but also due to its minimal tension loss (the lowest from all strings tested during this period).

2. Performance Team Hybrid Strings (COMFORT & CONTROL) (Racket Weight 280g+) – The latest strings produced by Tecnifibre see an all in one hybrid formula. For the first time polyester is produced in multifilament’s and is saturated by a firmer High-Density PU saturation (PU HD) to provide a firm feeling string, with the comfort benefits associated with multifilament strings.

3. Performance Pro Polyester Strings (CONTROL & DURABILIY) (Racket Weight 300g+) – The choice of the pro’s to provide maximum durability and control when used with heavier rackets. Janko TIPSAREVIC uses BlackCode.

4. All Round Playability – Good all-round strings for those on a budget.