Tennis Psychology

The Inner Game of Tennis for Players Live Online Training Programme

Do you:

  • Struggle to play as well in matches as you do in practice sessions?
  • Over-think things and play with too much physical tension?
  • Suffer with fear and self-doubt?
  • Lack consistency - play well one day and then poorly the next?

Mindful Winners

Most people are able to recognised that something is holding them back but they don't always know excatly what it is, and more importantly what to do about it!

The tools and techniques of the Inner Game can help you to access more of your potential(s) from within YOU.

Achieve higher levels of performance, learning and enjoyment by diminishing internal intereferences such as fear, feeling overly nevous, suffering with self-doubt, over-thinking and over-trying etc...

On This Training Plans You Will Learn:

  • How to play with more freedom, more joy and overall play better tennis
  • How to focus and silence the inner critic - the one that wans to be in control of YOU! This inner dialogue can be particulatly strong in moments that are important to you, such as competitions, when you might have increased feelings of self-doubt or being overly anxious
  • That there is a far more powerful system at work that only comes to the fore, when this inner critic is silenced, allowing the body to perform at its very best
  • How to access the ZONE more often

Only Consider This Training If:

  • You would like to be able to play with a mindset that is comfortable and focused in a pressured situation
  • You would like to know where and how to focus your attention to optimise your learning and performance
  • You would like to enjoy your experience more than you ever have before
  • You would like to learn skills that you can also apply away from the tennis court i.e. at work, in relationships and general life

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