Thorlo Tennis & Sports Socks

Thorlo make the most padded, supportive socks specially designed for tennis. Keep smacking that ball all day!
More Protection, More Tennis.

THORLO makes engineered padded socks that matter. We do one thing and only one thing. With a single focus, Thorlos go above and beyond. Thorlos protect the fat pads from shear forces by transferring these forces from the fat pads to the cushion fabric of the Thorlos. Where the fat pad degradation has already occurred, Thorlos engineered cushion fabric helps replace the function of the natural fat pads.

Thorlos Thor-Lon Acrylic cushion sock fabric wicks moisture, moving it away from the foot to the outer layer of a properly fitted shoe where it is released into the outside environment. The acrylic cushion sock fabric maintains resiliency and provides a more natural yielding, forgiving, dynamic environment for the foot.

Thorlos make 2 basic types of socks:
Clinically-Tested Padded Socks. Thorlos have credentials. Thorlos are the only padded socks we know of with evidenced-based benefits established by independently conducted peer-reviewed published clinical research. The padding in Thorlos has been clinically shown to reduce: blisters, foot pain, pressures and moisture. So while many brands claim superiority in all sorts of ways, Thorlos go "beyond" with benefits that have been shown in clinical studies. 

Engineered Lite Padded Socks. For feet that don’t hurt during, or after you participate in your activity, THORLO makes thinner or Lite padded socks that provide lightweight protection. Thorlos Lite Padded and Experia® Lite Padded socks offer more protection than other thin socks on the market. Experia is a real hybrid when it comes to sock design—a design that goes "beyond" anything in the market. Experia starts with an ultra-lightweight frame. Specially sculpted THORLO pads are placed in the ball and heel to provide protection from impact and friction in the foot's strike zones. Experia eliminates all but the most essential padding. Thorlos Lite padded socks and Experia have not been clinically tested.


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