Andy Murray Equipment

Andy Murray has made history, becoming the first British player to achieve the ATP number 1 position. Other highlights of his career include two Wimbledon titles and two Olympic gold medals. For a powerful baseline game, Murray recommends the Head Graphene 360 Radical Pro Racket. You can browse the entire Radical racket range here. He wears high performance Under Armour tennis apparel, and wears the Aircast Ankle Support to protect his ankles. Under Armour continue their strategy of not providing a specific tennis range for Andy Murray, with his amazing gym-bod physique showing just how fit you have to be to crack the world of tennis.  Now arguably one of the fittest tennis players on the planet, if not one of the fittest sportsmen period! Whether you are working out in the gym or playing tennis or indeed any activity to keep fit, the simple classic designs from Under Armour fit the bill.

He has also inspired other GB tennis players like Kyle Edmund, who have seen the dedication required for physical training in order to reach the higher echelons of tennis ranking and to win tough tennis matches.