HEAD Court Equipment

Working together with the ITF (International Tennis Federation) “Tennis Play and Stay” campaign, HEAD developed the unique new T.I.P. (Tennis Instructional Program), an innovative approach in helping players learn the game faster. The aim of the T.I.P. is to have beginners serve, rally and score the very first lesson, ensuring that their first experience with tennis is positive and fun.

T.I.P. RED (Stage 3)

The first ball for little tennis stars: 75% slower*, for starter children, court Size: 11m x 5-6m, significantly bigger and softer for more control,  bicolored - easily to see and hit

T.I.P. ORANGE (Stage 2)

The second ball to perfect shots: 50% slower*, for children aged 8 to 9, court size: 18m x 5,6-8,23m, right ball for preparing for full-court tennis

T.I.P. GREEN (Stage 1)

The third ball to win the match: 25% slower*, for starter adults or children aged 9 to 10, full size court, easy to control yet still fast, the perfect ball for a player's first run on a full court.

*than a standard ball