Tennis Ball Baskets & Ball Pickers

Our ball baskets are used not only by tennis coaches and helpers, but by players for intensive practice sessions where picking up all those balls is a waste of valuable hitting time not to mention back breaking stuff. The other great advantage is that you can have the baskets standing up so balls are ready beside you for easy picking and feeding for training. Whether you are a tennis coach or a parent helping a future Wimbledon player, this is an essential piece of kit. Ball baskets are brilliant for making tennis teaching and coaching really easy by making the chore of picking up, organising and storing tennis balls really easily. The plastic tennis ball hoppers are lighter and more convenient to carry around. The metal ones are sturdier for constant use and if they fall own when hit by tennis balls.

Ball pickers are useful when a basket is not available and the balls need to be picked up and collected into a bucket or similar. You can also get some baskets which can be used as ball storage devices which can be combined with a Wilson or Babolat wheeled basket.

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