Yonex Badminton Strings


Over 90% of the worlds top players use Yonex strings. You can use this matrix to help you choose which string is right for you. 
We have included a string performance chart on each string to also help you choose: 
So which strings are best for you ? Not everybody is a hard hitter. Whatever your style of play, there is a string to match your game. 
The BG 80 (0.70mm) provides a soft feel and durability. 
The BG 65Ti (0.70mm) suits the hard-hitter who wants extra durability. 
The BG 68Ti (0.68mm) is a slightly thinner guage which suits both power and control players who want extra feel. 
The BG 63 (0.74mm) is a fantastic all-rounder that suits all playing styles and is extremely good value.

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