Top 10 Best Badminton Strings

Here is our list of the 10 best badminton strings. Different strings are designed for different players, so they will have more or less power, repulsion, control, speed, durability or sound compared to other strings, and these characteristics may improve or decrease depending on string tension. However, with so many different types of strings now available, we believe that these strings are the best for badminton players that want the best strings for smashing, hitting clears and durability.

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  • 1

    Yonex Aerobite Badminton String Set (Choose Colour)

    The first hybrid string combination from Yonex, Aerobite has become the leading Yonex string for club players and professionals alike. Designed as a control-style string for clever, technical players that want extra bite on the shuttle for better depth and angles, Aerobite is also incredibly powerful and offers one of the best combinations of power and control available from any manufacturer, making it a superb choice for versatile players.

    Available in Red/White, Blue/White and Green/White!

  • 2

    Li-Ning No.1 Badminton String Set (Choose Colour)

    With a thinner 0.65mm gauge and slightly rough texture, Li-Ning No.1 is one of the best badminton strings ever created. Designed as a power string, No.1 offers players excellent repulsion, a fantastic crisp sound and a nice hard feeling, making this the string for you if you're into smashing and want a string that offers fantastic power and a brilliant, thunderous sound.

    Available in plenty of colours including White, Orange, Red, Blue, Gold, Mauve, Purple, Cyan and more!

  • 3

    Ashaway Zymax 66 Fire Power Badminton String Set (Choose Colour)

    A power string designed for players that want high performance, Zymax 66 Fire Power has quickly become one of the most popular strings with players around the world. With a 0.66m gauge and excellent tension hold, Zymax 66FP is perfect for players that want a solid string with a medium feel and plenty of power.

  • 4

    Yonex Nanogy 99 Badminton String Set - White

    Designed to offer players extra durability and easily-accessible power, Nanogy 99 is one of the best control strings on the market. Perfect for players that want to hit pinpoint drop-shots and crisp, sharp net-shots, this string matches superbly with modern aerodynamic rackets that offer extra speed, as Nanogy 99 will increase your control without reducing your speed or power.

  • 5

    Yonex BG80 Badminton String Set (Choose Colour)

    The faithful flagship string from Yonex, BG80 is the most consistent badminton string for power players. With a thicker 0.68 gauge, BG80 has offered players a simply unmatched combination of power, accuracy and durability for over a decade. A favourite for the professional players thanks to its hard feeling, it's hard to go wrong with this choice.

  • 6

    Yonex Nanogy 98 Badminton String Set - Gold

    A performance-oriented string, Nanogy 98 is one of our favourites. Offering a medium feeling for more kick and feel from the stringbed, Nanogy 98 offers fantastic power for smashes and clears and extra feel for your net shots, so that you can accurately move the shuttle to any area of the court that you choose.

  • 7

    Ashaway Zymax 69 Fire Badminton String Set (Choose Colour)

    If you're the type of player that wants to maximise tension hold and decrease the risk of breaking your strings, this string is the choice for you. Designed with Ashaway's BETA fibers that are used in heart surgeries, 69 Fire has extra durabiolity and elasticity that gives you more leeway with off-centre hits.

  • 8

    Yonex Nanogy 95 Badminton String Set - Gold

    Offering more power than Yonex's other durability strings, Nanogy 95 is an excellent string for club players that want a good mix of power, durability and a medium feeling that isn't too tough on your arm and wrists.

  • 9

    Ashaway Zymax 64 TX Badminton String Set (Choose Colour)

    Offering a super-rough coating, Zymax 54 TX is an excellent choice for players that want extra control and much more depth and angle on their shots. The 0.64mm gauge ensures that you have access to excellent repulsion and a clean, crisp sound, making this string a superb all-rounder.

  • 10

    Yonex BG65Ti Badminton String Set (Choose Colour)

    Designed for hard-hitting players that break strings often, BG65Ti has been Yonex's most popular string for over a decade. Often chosen by club players thanks to its increased durability and all-round performance, BG65Ti has been and remains an excellent choice for players that want a no-frills, reliable choice.

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