Yonex DUORA Rackets

DUORA rackets are designed to bring radical innovation to your game, letting you command the court with every shot. Every racket in this range features two key technologies: the Dual Optimum System and Nanometric DR.

Dual Optimum System: Every racquet in the DUORA series features two, contrasting racquet profiles, allowing you to hit the right type of shot every time. The Orange Box frame gives you power and a solid feeling, while the Green Aero frame gives you speed and sharp returns.
Nanometric DR: Developed for space aviation, Nanometric DR is a new carbon material, making your racket tougher and giving you more shuttle hold, repulsion and impact strength.

Expert Opinion: This range provides the best of both worlds, and helped us to turn defence into attack with the help of some of the most innovative technology that we have seen in years. It took us just 1 session to get used to the different feel on each side of the racket.

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Beware of counterfeit rackets on the internet. We have had instances of people bringing in counterfeit rackets for restringing at our store, which look almost like the real thing but go out of shape as soon as you put any kind of tension on the frame.