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Essentials of Eccentric Training With Online Video - Paperback Book

Essentials of Eccentric Training With Online Video - Paperback Book
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  • Aims to help the reader understand the fundamentals of eccentric training to benefit either your own or a client's sports and training. 
    Essentials of Eccentric Training is the first comprehensive resource covering this innovative approach to resistance training and conditioning that produces extraordinary results. Backed by evidence-based studies and readily incorporated into training programs, eccentric training provides greater intensity to help individuals push past plateaus and increase muscular strength, endurance, and power. Using eccentric training, strength and conditioning professionals and personal trainers can also help their clients improve metabolism, manage their weight, and facilitate injury rehabilitation. 

    The text provides the physiological explanations, exercises, and sample programs beneficial to introducing eccentric training into clients’ workouts. All facets of this exciting, power-generating modality are detailed by veteran international fitness expert Len Kravitz and champion bodybuilder and personal trainer Aaron Bubbico, who use eccentric training not only with clients but also in their own exercise regimens. The practical information in the book is supported by special features:
    • 70 eccentric training exercises are demonstrated through full-colour photos and detailed instructions to properly illustrate techniques and minimize risk of injury.
    • A selection of more than 40 online exercise videos explain more complex workout techniques to ensure exercises are properly performed to maximize results. Symbols throughout the book indicate when videos are available online.
    • A selection of 24 sample workout plans, six case study workouts, and two sample eight-week training programs provide professionals with a strong starting point to build programs for their clients.
    • An appendix lists foundational resistance training exercises across seven popular sports.
    • An exercise finder categorized by muscle group makes selecting the right exercises for each client easy.
    After establishing a foundation of muscular physiology, the first chapters of Essentials of Eccentric Training explain the three unique ways of using eccentric training: eccentric emphasis, supramaximal training, and the two-up/one-down method. The next two chapters address specific effects of the training method: how it bolsters postworkout metabolic rate and how to minimize delayed-onset muscle soreness. The book’s final six chapters contain exercises and program designs specifically for muscular strength, muscular endurance, explosive power, weight loss, muscle size, and rehabilitation.

    Essentials of Eccentric Training imparts every aspect of this groundbreaking training system and its benefits in resistance exercise programs. The method presents boundless opportunities for strength and conditioning specialists and exercise professionals who work with athletes and exercise enthusiasts of all ages and fitness levels.

    Online videos can be found at


    Exercise Finder
    Accessing the Online Video
    Chapter 1. Understanding Muscular Structure and the Physiological Mechanisms of Concentric and Eccentric Action
    Muscular System
    Gross Structure of Muscle
    Muscle Cell Structure and Organization
    Muscle Fiber Protein Organization
    Actin–Myosin Orientation
    The Sliding Filament Theory of Muscle Contraction
    Termination of Muscle Action
    Muscle Fiber Types
    Distribution of Fiber Types in Special Populations
    Summary Thoughts
    Chapter 2. Discovering the Eccentric Training Methods
    Eccentric Emphasis Training Method
    Supramaximal Eccentric Training Method
    Two-Up/One-Down Eccentric Training Method
    Summary Thoughts
    Chapter 3. Boosting the Metabolism With Eccentric Exercise
    Resting Metabolic Rate
    Thermic Effect of Food
    Activity Energy Expenditure
    Positive Energy Balance
    Muscle Metabolism in Eccentric Training
    Maximizing Metabolism With Eccentric Exercise
    Summary Thoughts
    Chapter 4. Eliminating Muscle Soreness With the Repeated Bout Approach
    Repeated Bout Effect of Eccentric Training
    Implementing the Repeated Bout Effect With a Client
    Educating Clients About the Repeated Bout Effect
    Understanding Muscle Recovery
    Summary Thoughts
    Chapter 5. Eccentric Training for Strength
    Exercise Program Design
    Application Tools for Exercises
    Training Intensity Suggestions
    Summary Thoughts
    Training for Strength
    Upper- and Lower-Body Workout Routines for Strength Training
    Chapter 6. Eccentric Training for Endurance
    Exercise Program Design
    Application Tools for Exercises
    Summary Thoughts
    Training for Endurance
    Upper- and Lower-Body Workout Routines for Endurance Training
    Chapter 7. Eccentric Training for Explosive Power
    Exercise Program Design
    Application Tools for Exercises
    A Caution for Training
    Summary Thoughts
    Training for Explosive Power
    Upper- and Lower-Body Workout Routines for Power Training
    Chapter 8. Eccentric Training for Weight Loss
    Exercise Program Design
    Application Tools for Exercises
    Summary Thoughts
    Training for Weight Loss
    Upper- and Lower-Body Workout Routines for Weight Loss
    Chapter 9. Eccentric Training for Muscle Hypertrophy
    Exercise Program Design
    Application Tools for Exercises
    Summary Thoughts
    Training for Muscle Hypertrophy
    Upper- and Lower-Body Workout Routines for Muscle Hypertrophy
    Chapter 10. Eccentric Exercise and Rehabilitation
    Exercise Program Design
    Application Tools for Exercises
    Summary Thoughts
    Training for Rehabilitation
    Upper- and Lower-Body Workout Routines for Rehabilitation
    Appendix A Eight-Week Hypertrophy Phase
    Appendix B Eight-Week Ultimate Conditioning Phase for Endurance and Body Composition Change
    Appendix C Exercises for Improving in Seven Popular Sports
    About the Authors



    A comprehensive guide for strength and conditioning professionals, personal trainers, and fitness coaches who work with clients to meet fitness and athletic performance goals

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