Ashaway Badminton Strings

Ashaway ZyMax Badminton Strings

Introducing Zymax Fire, the incredible upgrade to Zymax. Ashaway have spent years developing badminton strings and have come up with what we believe to be the best badminton strings ever created. Produced from Ashaway's new BETA polymer material, Zymax Fire strings are designed to provide fantastic repulsion and maintain their tension far longer than the original Zymax strings. In particular, the new polymer ensures there is excellent durability in each string, even in the thinnest string, Zymax 62 Fire, and consistent performance due to the strings maintaining tension.

Zymax 62 Fire - The thinnest string, at 0.62mm and our recommendation as the best string available. Although it has less durability than Zymax 66 Fire and Zymax 69 Fire, Zymax 62 Fire more than makes up for it with its incredible repulsion and astonishing speed, allowing you to play better than ever.

Zymax 66 Fire - At 0.66mm, Zymax 66 Fire is designed for players who play at the net or those who enjoy playing a control-orientated game, affording you brilliant consistency with every shot.

Zymax 69 Fire - At 0.69mm, Zymax 69 Fire is the best string we've ever used for durability, holding its tension and extending string life further than ever before, making it the only serious choice for players who value durability above all else.

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