Li-Ning Bladex Badminton Rackets

The Li-Ning Bladex range is a top of the line badminton racket series designed for advanced players. The majority of Bladex rackets are HEAD-LIGHT in balance with a range of Stiffness/Flexibility. The frame is constructed of high grade titanium, making it lightweight yet strong.

Click here For the Li-Ning Bladex badminton rackets selector chart.

The racket is designed for maximum power and control, with a high-tension string pattern and a special grommet system that helps the racket retain tension for longer.

Players using Bladex range include Zhang Nan, Zhang Nin, Goh Liu Ying and Yeo Jai Min.


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Even Balance

More versatility:

  • For advanced players.
  • Offers both control and power
  • Helps develop and all-round game.
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Head Heavy

Greater power:

  • For players seeking power.
  • Extra pass in the head.
  • Increase power of smashes.
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Head Light

More speed:

  • For fast, attacking players.
  • Less mass in the frame and head.
  • Great choice for doubles play.
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