Li-Ning Badminton Rackets

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Having taken over the legendary Kason badminton brand in 2009, Li-Ning Badminton Rackets are renowned for their exceptionally high quality and excellent on-court performance. Li-Ning are the official sponsors of the Chinese National Team, and have been used with great success by some of China’s leading players including Chen Long and Zhang Nan. Additionally, Li-Ning sponsor some of badminton’s most successful players, including Olympic Gold Medallists Tontowi Ahmad and Liliyana Natsir. 

Li-Ning have four major ranges: Mega Power, Ultra Sharp, Multi-Control and Extra Skill. 

Mega Power (Power) - Li-Ning’s most iconic range, the Mega Power series is designed for attacking players that seek as much power as possible for their clears and smashes. The majority of Li-Ning Mega Power Badminton rackets have a head-heavy balance.

Ultra Sharp (Speed) - The Ultra Sharp range is Li-Ning’s ‘Speed’ range; designed to provide with rapid swing speeds and excellent repulsion. If you’re a doubles player and want as much speed as possible, then Ultra Sharp is the range for you.

Multi Control (Control) - Multi Control rackets offer players extra accuracy, control and consistency. Every racket in this range uses a ‘box’ type frame that offers more stability than aerodynamic frames, and have enlarged sweet-spots to ensure that you can hit relentlessly at your opponent.

Extra Skill (Lightweight) - Extra Skill rackets are exceptionally light, weighing no more than 80g unstrung. These lighter rackets offer you faster swing and handling speeds, making them perfect for hard-hitters that don’t need a heavier racket for their power shots. The majority of Extra Skill rackets have a head-light balance.

What do '3D Breakfree', 'Airstream' and 'Turbocharging' mean?

Most Li-Ning premium rackets are also split into 3 racket frame profiles. These are ‘3D Breakfree’, ’Airstream’ and ‘Turbocharging’. These 3 frame profiles are all designed to increase the speed of your swing, in different ways. Most players settle one on one frame design from Li-Ning, as there are noticeable on-court differences. If you are unsure which frame profile you would prefer, have a look below at the benefits of each frame and which types of players are suited to each frame.

3D Breakfree - 3D Breakfree frames have sharp edges, reducing the air resistance from your swing speed drastically. These frames are best for players that want to maximise their swing speed at all times, and are particularly suited to doubles players.

Airstream - Airstream frames are the most recognisable Li-Ning rackets thanks to an innovative design. Airstream frames are generally flat-edged, box frames but with 4 holes at the bottom of the frame, which is designed to increase air flow and reduce air drag. These frames are best for singles players and doubles players that prefer to play from the back of the court, as they add speed into rackets designed for smashing.

Turbocharging - Turbocharging rackets have a unique racket design; the inner rim at the top of the frame runs down the side of the frame and ‘twists’ to become the outside of the frame at the bottom. This provides players with balance between speed and stability but making the racket aerodynamic at the top and bottom of the frame (where players require more speed), but remains more box-like in the middle of the frame, providing players with stability and a more consistent sweet-spot. These rackets are perfect for players that want a versatile racket that offers a good balance between speed and stability at all times.