Li-Ning Badminton Rackets

Li-Ning have overhauled their selection of performance badminton rackets with 3 main ranges: Turbo Charging, 3D Calibar, and Aeronaut. These ranges differentiate their rackets using their frame geometry and technology which make them more useful to different players with different types of ability. Turbo Charging rackets are designed to enable fast reaction, 3D Calibar rackets allows you to generate maximum power, and Aeronaut rackets offer strong control. Read our mini guide on how to choose a Li-Ning badminton racket here.

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How to Choose a Li-Ning Badminton Racket

Li-Ning Badminton Rackets

There are three parts in the name of each Li-Ning badminton racket to help you choose the correct one: the number of digits in the name (this denotes the type of frame being used), the first number (which denotes the performance level) and the letter at the end of the name (which denotes the style of the racket)

There are three ranges, based on the frame type: Turbo Charging, 3D Calibar (replaces 3D Breakfree), Aeronaut (replaces Airstream):

Secondly, the first number will allow you to determine if a racket is entry-level, intermediate level or performance level.

  • 1,2,3 - entry level (previously known as the 'TF' series)
  • 4,5,6 - intermediate level (previously known as the 'TD' series)
  • 7,8,9 - performance level

Finally, each racket has a letter at the end of the model number; D, C, B or I. These are as follows:

  • D (Drive) - rackets for speed
  • C (Combat) - rackets for power
  • B (Boost) - rackets for balanced play
  • I (instinct) - lightweight rackets

For example, the Li-Ning 8000D can be broken down as follows:

  • Digits - There are 4 digits, therefore this racket has the Aeronaut frame.
  • First number - 8 - Therefore this a performance racket
  • Letter - The letter at the end is 'D', there this is a 'Drive' racket.

Li-Ning Badminton Racket Matrix

To compare every model in every Li-Ning range, and find the best badminton racket for yourself using our helpful Li-Ning Badminton Racket Matrix.