Top 10 SALE Badminton Rackets

Our Top 10 listings of SALE badminton rackets is one of our most popular selection pages. Badminton players obviously love a bargain, so we have made life easy for you, by giving you a conveniant listing to help you choose the best bargains. These are all genuine bargains, many of which are not available elsewhere.

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    Victor Jetspeed S 12 Badminton Racket (3U and 4U)

    Victor Jetspeed 12 takes the best-selling technology of the JS10 and the stability of the BS12 to produce the best racket that Victor have ever created. Thanks to the slightly head-heavy balance and medium-stiff flex, this racket can be used by every type of player in any situation. Doubles players will appreciate the speedy Aero-Sword frame that offers you a fantastic defence, accurate drop shots, ferocious smashes and quick net play, allowing you to transition between back, front and mid-court with confidence. Singles players will appreciate the solid and stable head, ensuring that your pushes, clears and drives are punchy and accurate, enabling you to be aggressive or defensive when needed. If you're looking for a racket that can transform your game, then the JS12 should be at the top of your list.

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    Victor Brave Sword 1700 Badminton Racket

    Bringing the legendary speed and feel of the Brave Sword range into a mid-range racket, the Brave Sword 1700 has an even balance and flexible shaft, which offers you excellent power and speed, particularly when playing doubles. The Brave Sword 1700 is more flexible than the Brave Sword 1600, giving players more power and making it more user-friendly, making it the better choice for beginner players.

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    Victor Brave Sword 1600 Badminton Racket

    Bringing the legendary speed and feel of the Brave Sword range into a mid-range racket, the Brave Sword 1600 has an even balance and medium flex, which offers you brilliant power and speed, particularly when playing doubles. The Brave Sword 1600 is stiffer than the Brave Sword 1700, giving players more stability and control on their shots, making it the better choice for intermediate and advanced players.

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    Yonex Duora 10 LCW Badminton Racket - Jewel Blue

    Have you heard the buzz about this revolutionary racket yet? By combining two different racket profiles into one frame, Yonex have pushed badminton technology further ahead than ever before. The Box Frame, designed for your forehand, increases your power significantly, whereas the Aero Frame, designed for your backhand, increases your shot speed drastically. Before the DUORA 10, players would have to swap rackets to change up their game. Now, all you need to do is swap sides and carry on playing. Used by Men's Singles legend Lee Chong Wei, British Number 1 Rajiv Ouseph, and almost every major contender on the Men's Singles Tour.

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    Yonex ArcSaber 6FL Badminton Racket

    The 6FL has always had the whippiest shaft in the whole Yonex range for a number of years. The latest model has a tapered Dual Whip-back shaft which produces increased flexibility for a longer hold time to enhance transfer of power to the shuttle. W...

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      SAVING 46%

    Ashaway Viper XT1200 Hex Badminton Racket

    Built for strong attacking players with quick arm speed, the Viper XT1200 incorporates the aerodynamic Ashaway Hex Frame Technology. Combined with its stiff flexibility, players can experience increased power and stability, particularly useful for powerful smashes.

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    Carlton Kinesis X900 Limited Edition Badminton Racket

    Combining a head-heavy balance, extra stiff shaft and a 4U weight, the Kinesis X900 LTD offers monstrous power, fantastic speed and excellent stability, allowing you to send powerful and precise smashes back at your opponents.

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      SAVING 32%

    Victor Thruster K 9000 Badminton Racket

    If you're into smashing, then this is the only racket you should consider. Thanks to a seriously Head-Heavy Balance, a stiff shaft (but not so stiff it can fatigue your arm quickly) and a speedy frame, you'll be dominating your opponent right from the start.
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      SAVING 33%

    Victor HyperNano X 800 Badminton Racket

    The HyperNano X800 is one of the most memorable badminton rackets that we've ever used. Thanks to the slightly head-heavy balance and medium-stiff shaft, this racket oozes power, offering you fantastic clears and smashes. And because it comes with the fantastic Victor Aero-Diamond frame, this racket simply flies through the air, giving you brilliant net play, fierce drop shots and fantastic reactions when on defence. And the bright feel and sound that this racket provides every time you hit the shuttle is sure to make an impression on you as well.