Karakal Badminton Rackets

Karakal now make some of the lightest badminton rackets on the market. These are brilliant for FAST badminton play, especially for those who like the extra speed that is provided by a really light racket for both singles and doubles play.

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The Karakal brand originated in Belgium in 1978 and was the property of SPGS Dendermonde Belgium. The Karakal brand mark was used on shoes, rackets and clothing. The original Karakal logo was a Lynx, but in 2002 the logo was changed. Starting with the Turkish translation of Karakal, meaning 'Black Ear', and the fact that KARAKAL has three 'A's, it was decided to use the outside pair as 'Black Ears' and exaggerate the centre 'A' with a dot below, which can be interpreted as a ball or shuttlecock. The new name logo and the 'A' ball give instantly recognisable brand marks that continue the Karakal ethos of quality and value for money that the original Karakal Lynx stood for.