Yonex Badminton Special Offers And Clearance Rackets

Click on one of the links below...If you are not sure which racket to go for, please scroll down to our Yonex badminton matrix.
Find it all confusing? Here's a graph that charts current Yonex rackets according to their balance and repulsion/hold behaviour. Choose head heavy rackets for powerful attacking shots, especially on smashes and headlight balance for faster swing and greater control. The other scale indicates rackets that "hold" the energy on contact with the shuttle and release it like an arrow allowing pin point accuracy and on the other end of the scale, rackets that distort less on strike for cleaner and more powerful shots.

Further below, all the racket family/series have been described so you know what characteristics its members share and to help you further, a video by Yonex UK will attempt to simplify all the technology for you.

Racket series:

Voltric rackets combine aerodynamic profile, thin shaft, head heavy balance and Tri-Voltic system in the frame to offer exceptional power as well as speed. Suited for aggressive players who rely on dictating rallies with offensive shots.

ArcSaber rackets are modelled around "Cupstack Nanotube", a material that allows racket to hold the energy on impact and release it like an arrow to make for powerful but precise shots. Suited for all-rounders who rely on accuracy as well as power to finish off points.

NanoSpeed rackets facilitate a faster swing and sharp offensive play via exceptionally light head. Recommended for players seeking subtle control and more repulsion power.

Armortec Inspite of the light body, Armortec generates powerful attacking shots and high level face stability for players who seek maximum power.