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Victor HyperNano X 900X Badminton Racket

Victor HyperNano X 900X Badminton Racket
Victor HyperNano X 900X Badminton Racket Product code: HX-900X In stock $153.59  Inc. VAT
  • Unprecedented power, precision and comfort.

    Known inside the badminton world as the 'Dominator', Victor Hypernano 900X is the pinnacle of easily accessible power and precision.

    Updating the previous Hypernano X900, the HX-900X Dominator uses state-of-the-art new technologies to radically increase the energy transferred from your swing to the shuttle. Key to this is the new Anti-Torsion System, which makes the shaft feel harder and stronger, which increases the energy transferred from you to your stringbed. Combined with a larger sweet-spot plus Victor's legendary Pyrofil carbon-fibre, and you get a racket that offers you simply unprecedented power for your smashes and power plays, and laser precision for your cross-court strokes and clips, making this the racket for dominant, attacking players.

    The Hypernano X900X also uses Victor's fantastic Aero-Diamond frame. Combining the best aspects of the diamond-shaped and sword-shaped frames, rackets that utilise Aero-Diamond are the perfect all-round rackets, offering a lovely blend of power, stability, precision, touch and speed. This makes Hypernano rackets the most versatile rackets in all of badminton, and ensures that you never have to compromise on any aspect of your game. 

    Finally, the HX 900X uses two more legendary frame technologies to maximise your performance. Firstly, Victor's Hard Cored Technology offers you a smooth swing to increase your consistency and allow you to put relentless pressure on your opponents, while the innovative Nano Fortify TR ensures that the Dominator features an exceptional amount of stability and resilience, allowing you to put more power on your forehand and backhand clears, while letting you generate extra pace and weight behind the shuttle for your shots.

    Taken together, the Hypernano 900X is a superb, versatile, upgrade to your existing racket, and has every quality you need to make your mark on the court by allowing you to experience unprecedented levels of power, precision and performance.

    • Grip: G5
    • Frame Material: High Resilient Modulus Graphite + NANO FORTIFY TR + HARD CORED TECHNOLOGY
    • Shaft Material: High Resilient Modulus Graphite + PYROFIL + 6.8 SHAFT

    Victor Series

    Hypernano - Victor's HyperNano X Series is designed to give you fantastic accuracy when you're on the attack and complete control when on defence, allowing you to transition from one to the other effortlessly. The HyperNano X series features a slimmer shaft in each racket, giving you a more solid feel while also stabilising your shots, giving you fantastic consistency and power whenever you need it. The Hypernano series is perfect for players that require laser precision while attacking and defending, and for players that want a versatile all-round racket that doesn't make you compromise on your performance.

    Victor Technology

    Nano Fortify TR - Introducing the TORAYCA PREPREG material from Toray, a leading carbon fiber manufacturer from Japan, NANO FORTIFY TR not only upgrades the elasticity and impact resistance, but also enables excellent exercise performance, which further provides greater repulsion, easy-yet-smooth shot-making, and advancing racket-handling experience.

    Aero-Diamond - Combining the controllability of “diamond-shape” structure with the stability and smoothness of “sword-shape” structure, the AERO-DIAMOND frame minimizes air-resistance and improves handling stability during each game.

    SeventySix-76 - The single-pass grommet hole construction creates less friction between the strings, allowing it to reduce tension loss and extend string life effectively.

    Hard Cored Technology - Inspired by military helicopters, this is a multilayered structure made with carbon fibre, composites and minimal material size, reinforcing handling feel and performance at critical times.

    Made in Taiwan.


    Weight 4U (80-84g unstrung)
    Balance Even Balance
    Flex Medium-Stiff
    Factory Strings UNSTRUNG
    Recommended String for Power & Comfort Ashaway Zymax 66 Fire Power - 0.66mm
    Recommended String for Control & Durability Ashaway Zymax 68 TX - 0.68mm
    Stringing Tension Range 19-30 lbs
    Includes Racket Cover? Yes
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