Prince Squash Rackets

The new range of Prince Squash Rackets are now available in bright and colourful cosmetics. Many of these graphite rackets feature TeXtreme technology to improve stability, power and responsiveness, giving advanced squash players unrivalled performance. Browse all of the latest models including the Venom, Vortex, Phoenix and Hyper.

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Prince O3 racquets are engineered with unique O-Ports to provide greater string freedom. O-Ports increase sweetspot size, power and create less drag for better maneuverability.

By replacing traditional pin-sized string holes with revolutionary giant O-Ports, a super aerodynamic frame has been created with a more responsive stringbed. This increases the sweet spot by 54%, creating a Sweet Zone, which means you hit your best shots more often. What’s truly impressive is that the Prince engineers are able to do this all without enlarging the racquet head, increasing its length, or adding weight!